Green, yellow, red, this fruit/vegetable is a variety of sweet pepper with a capsaicin level of 0. A flagship product of the summer, you can offer them raw or cooked, they will bring flavor and color to your dishes. Pepper colors vary depending on maturity.
Green being the fruit harvested immature, it will then turn yellow then red when it is ripe.

At Marquillanes, peppers are one of our flagship products, along with chili peppers. Our suppliers are based mainly in Morocco and Spain, to whom we visit regularly to ensure that they comply with our quality charter.
Now let’s talk about their taste qualities and the nutritional benefits of peppers depending on their degrees of maturation.

Green pepper.
It is the crunchiest and most bitter of the varieties offered, due to the fact that it is harvested early.
It is very rich in water and fiber.

Yellow pepper.
It has a slightly fruity taste and is juicier.
It is rich in vit A and C.

Red pepper.
When mature, its flesh is more tender, it is sweeter and tastes smoother in the mouth.
It is richest in vitamin C and B9, and also contains beta carotene.

Consuming all 3 colors of peppers is the best solution because each has their own benefits.

The philosophy of MARQUILLANES est is and will remain to draw from the heart of nature of fruits and vegetables with exceptional, healthy and diverse virtues for the health of consumers in order to offer a range of diverse products at all prices to allow everyone to feel good feed.


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