30 000

tons imported
per year



3 000 m²



home countries
Spain and Morocco

For over 70 years, MARQUILLANES Company has been serving their clients with know-how and expertise

MARQUILLANES Company specializes in the producing, importing, storing and distributing fresh quality fruit and vegetables from Spain and Morocco to France and Europe. Created by the First President of Saint-Charles International, Mr. Paul MARQUILLANES, MARQUILLANES Company is still a family-owned company serving its clients for over 70 years. We keep extremely good relationships with our providers and supports them in major challenges and changes to come in the future.

A network of Men and Women trusting each other.
MARQUILLANES Company works with partners producers sharing the same high standard of service and quality requirements. Certified with GLOBALGAP, IFS, BRC, GRASP, our providers guarantee efficient food process and an excellent food safety policy for final customers.


MARQUILLANES encourages its partner producers to convert cultural practices to reasoned practices.

Our producer partners offer products from a biodiverse agriculture by practicing the integrated biological protection with introduction of auxiliaries insects to preserve pest cultures while respecting the ecosystem equilibrium. Reasoned cultivation guarantees a considerable reduction of formerly used pesticides and creates better conditions for sustainable development

Reduced environmental footprint: 100% of fresh fruits and vegetables packaging is recyclable

MARQUILLANES is also aware that these level concrete actions are needed to reduce the environmental footprint:
– solar energy is recovered thanks to the photovoltaic panels installed on the roofs of its warehouses
– the plastic cups have been replaced by recyclable cups and encouragement is given for the use of reusable dishes.


The MARQUILLANES societal commitment is based on a strong commitment of all its employees around 4 structuring themes:

1 – Protect consumers
Thanks to its Quality Management System, MARQUILLANES is committed to:
– provide healthy products to consumers,
– guarantee the safety of food to distributors,
– meet the requirements of the buyers’ specifications.
MARQUILLANES is constantly vigilant about health risks.

2 – To behave ethically and responsibly
The management team of MARQUILLANES develops a local management focused on the development of the talents of each collaborator. MARQUILLANES mobilizes its teams around a strong commitment in terms:
– ethics at work
– the responsibility of each employee at his level in the production diagram
– team spirit

3 – To participate in the protection of the environment
MARQUILLANES carries out concrete and effective actions to control each process in a will of continuous improvement. The environmental goal is to help reduce waste as much as possible. Thanks to recognized partners in waste management, the fermentable waste is valorised.

4 – Work in close collaboration with our partner producers to master the practices
Virtuous social practices promote business development.

                  A Sales Team focused on customers satisfaction

7 languages spoken

Our sales team guarantee your orders (important volumes, direct containers from Morocco, full load trucks or partial load trucks, mix-products palletization…). We respect your logistic palletization demands (CHEP, EUROPE, 80×120, 100×120…), your label recommendations. We keep our deadlines for your satisfaction.

Anne-Marie COLOM

T: +33 (0) 4 68 85 67 16
Envoyer un mail :
annemarie @ marquillanes .fr

Jean Philippe DAREES

T: +33 (0) 4 68 85 67 10
Envoyer un mail :
jeanphilippe @ marquillanes .fr

Anne-Marie GIRAULT

T: +33 (0) 4 68 85 67 16
Envoyer un mail :
amgirault @ marquillanes .fr

Gauvain DAREES
France Specialized

T: +33 (0) 4 68 85 67 23
Envoyer un mail :
gauvain @ marquillanes .fr

Italy and France Specialized

T: +33 (0) 4 68 85 67 06
Envoyer un mail :
enzo @ marquillanes .fr


TEL. +33 (0) 4 68 85 25 15 
Monday to Friday 6:30 am at 6:00 pm 
Saturday 6:30 am at 12:00 am 
7 languages spoken 

with a share capital
of 1 000 000€

Stores 101/106
Saint-Charles International BP 85309
66033 Perpignan CEDEX