If there is the Richter Scale to know the strength of earthquakes, there is the Scoville Scale to know the Capsaicin level in chili peppers.

The higher the capsaicin level, the greater the flavor of the pepper.

The Scoville Scale starts at zero with peppers, which are part of the Solanaceae family. Very smooth in the mouth, no spicy sensation when tasting raw or cooked. It ends with the hottest pepper known to date, the “Carolina Pepper” or “Carolina Reaper” which has a capsaicin level of 1.6 million units.
To give you an idea our peppers are classified into mild to hot categories. To know the capsaicin level in peppers, they are analyzed in a laboratory specializing in calculating the capsaicin level.

For the culinary side : you should know that when you cook the peppers, the spiciness will increase with cooking. It is recommended to add the peppers at the end of cooking.
Chili peppers are used in many Mediterranean, Caribbean and South American dishes.

For the health/medical side: there is a molecule present in resinous euphorbia (plant native to Morocco) that is used to relieve peripheral nerve pain. This molecule is the highest on the Scoville scale with 15 billion units.

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