For MARQUILLANES, Food Safety is a fundamental rule.

It guarantees a healthy, good quality product that can be consumed without danger.
Consumer health is essential for our MARQUILLANES Teams.
Thus, the Culture of Food Safety has an important place at MARQUILLANES.

👉 What are our steps to guarantee our customers the Food Safety of our products?
1- Regularly, we travel to our supplier partners to assess their working methods and their way of preserving crops.
2- Product traceability plays an important role in Food Safety. This is why MARQUILLANES is very vigilant.
3- We ensure that upon receipt of the goods, they are in good quality, hygiene and safety condition.

MARQUILLANES is keen to respect its Quality commitments and continuously improves its quality certification procedures – certified on several standards: IFS Broker and Logistics, Global Gap CoC, OEA and Démarque Qualité Saint Charles.


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