The work of Supplier in fresh fruit and vegetables is a profession that requires requirement, know-how and constant vigilance regarding health risks.

The relationship maintained with customers, purchasing organizations of retail industry, wholesalers and agri-food manufacturers, is based on the trust and added value that the Supplier provides through its Quality Management System (QMS) by creating a link between production and distribution through a common repository.

Thus, the IFS (International Featured Standard) Certified Broker carries out concrete and effective actions to control each process in a desire for continuous improvement. The aim is to meet the requirements and specifications of its customers as well as possible by ensuring the quality and safety of fresh fruits and vegetables.

The IFS Broker certification repository permits to:
– provide healthy products to consumers,
– guarantee the safety of food to distributors,
– respect the buyers specifications.

To accompany our customers with a quality service by respecting their specifications, to satisfy the final consumers and purchasers are the objectives of MARQUILLANES Team.

The MARQUILLANES Company, a producer and specialist in the import and export of fruits, citrus fruits and fresh vegetables in Saint-Charles International in France (Perpignan) for all of Europe, purchasing organizations of retail industry, wholesalers and agri-food manufacturers, brings to its clients a control integrating the entire production chain.



TEL. +33 (0) 4 68 85 25 15 
Monday to Friday 6:30 am at 6:00 pm 
Saturday 6:30 am at 12:00 am 
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with a share capital
of 1 000 000€

Stores 101/106
Saint-Charles International BP 85309
66033 Perpignan CEDEX