The Marquillanes company in Saint Charles International is very concerned about the quality of the products it imports. Particularly on pesticide residues that fruits and vegetables may contain.

The L.M.R. (Maximum Residue Limits), what is it?
This is the maximum concentration of pesticide residues authorized in Europe in fruits and vegetables.

What are pesticides used for?
These are phytosanitary products allowing:

  • to preventively or curatively protect plants against pests,
  • to act on their growth,
  • to ensure their conservation,
  • to destroy plants or unwanted parts,
  • to slow down or prevent unwanted plant growth.

How does Marquillanes control them and why?
Fruits and vegetables, taken at random from loads, are regularly sent to an analysis laboratory specializing in the agri-food industry. The results of these samples reveal the quantities of pesticides present or not in the food. They will thus be compared with the L.M.R. of the European Union, England and Switzerland.
If a product does not comply with the requested requirements, the entire merchandise will be returned to the producer.
By carrying out these analyses, Marquillanes guarantees food safety and preserves consumer health by remaining well below the toxic thresholds of pesticides in fruits and vegetables.
Marquillanes also pays close attention to food packaging. By checking suppliers’ food certificates. The company also pays close attention to the hygiene of its storage premises and the storage of its cleaning products.

The philosophy of Marquillanes is and will remain to draw from the heart of nature of fruits and vegetables with exceptional, healthy and diverse virtues for the health of consumers in order to offer a range of diverse products at all prices to allow everyone to feel good. feed.


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